Due to the Australian Governements recomendations, and global BNI consensus, BNI had transitioned to BNI Online so business owners and their customers, can continue to practice givers gain and pass qualified  referrals over online video conferencing technology.

Please register to join our virtual meeting and see how BNI could bring qualified referrals and business support to your business.


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      this is your current location as detected by Google,  If you wish to use a different location please enter either a postcode or suburb name in the search box at the top of the screen, the map will then sort all chapters based of distance to your closes chapter.

      BNI In-Person Chapters

      These are operational in-person BNI chapters within the region you can click on the chapter name and see more details about the chapter you are interested in.

      BNI Online Chapters

      BNI Online Chapters meet mainly online with the focus on a business being done in the local geographic area, please use the BNI Online link to attend the chapter.

      Forming / Proposed BNI Chapters

      These chapters are planned or currently forming, we have a number of interested business owners looking to start a new BNI chapter in this area. Please contact us for more information on these chapters.

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