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Since engaging BNI, I have grown my business turnover over 4 fold and have 8 staff and am on target to double my business again in the next 3 years. The contacts, business and networking skills I have gained from BNI is the primary reason for my success.

Max Kavanagh   
Physiotherapist   at Back In Motion Brighton   
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BNI has provided a platform to build my business by exposing me to a thriving and supportive network, this has not only allowed my business to evolve and flourish, it has opened doors that have led to personal growth and professional success.

Omar Raslan   
Building Inspector   at Key Property Inspections   
Chapter: business network association with BNI   
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Through BNI I’ve grown multiple mutual relationships with aligned business professionals culminating in over $100k per year ongoing. Sales through BNI business connections now constitutes over 35% of our business and is a key marketing channel where my time, energy and marketing dollars are spent

Julian Robins   
Telecommunications Systems   at HC Cloud   
Chapter: business to business networking with BNI   
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I joined BNI on the insistence of the Caitlin Baker from Vogue Print Savers who was doing the printing for my clinic and a member of the chapter. She was at me for months about the benefits and it took me a while to take action but I am so glad that I did.

I am now a 6 year member of the chapter and I have built great business relationships, a network of trusted advisors, trusted businesses that I can refer to and most importantly some great friends. This last point is a strong one as we often have visitors to our chapter that are members of other BNI chapters and they almost always remark about the 'feeling' in the room. Warm, friendly, camaraderie, happy, fun are just some of the terms that frequently get used.

On top of this, the services that I have used in my chapter over the journey have been hugely valuable to me in my personal life.

So not only has BNI given me a great business network, it has also given me some great personal relationships, it has enhanced my personal life and it has happened through attending a weekly meeting that is a thoroughly enjoyable use of time.

Just typing this I can see why Caitlin was relentless in getting me to join. My question to others, why wouldn't you want to get the same outcome as I have?

Marcus Yeo   
Chiropractor   at MY Chiropractic   
Chapter: Diamond Networkers   
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I have a thirst for knowledge and trying new things, BNI ticks all my boxes, I’ve learnt so many new skills and built amazing relationships along the way.

Alex Maguire   
Residential Property Manager   at McGraths   
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BNI has helped me to identify my ideal client AND how to approach them. To top it off, I am now also a confident public speaker.

Garry Nau   
Electrician   at GESA Electrical   
business intelligence developer

BNI has challenged me to determine my ‘why’ and has given me the tools to communicate my ‘why’ effectively. I’m now converting 85% more sales leads with higher value clients

Tim Allan   
Commercial Photographer   at TA Media   
Chapter: b2b connections   
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Your success is inevitable.

Surrounded by business professionals, you will have a whole new marketing team on your side.
A team that understands the tribulations and triumphs of being a small business owner.
“Over 70% of my business comes through BNI.”
“Presenting to the group each week has improved my public speaking and also made me more confident when approaching new potential clients.”
If you want to be part of a positive, supportive community that will help you grow your business, we’d love to meet you.

Kimberley Masina   
Personal Trainer   at Vision Personal Training - Blackburn   
Chapter: BNI Business Developers Ringwood   
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BNI has taught me how to develop key referral partnerships with other businesses that meet my customers before I do. In the last quarter, sales generated through BNI has accounted for a third of my turnover.

Crystal Trace   
Personal Trainer   at Strength Lab   
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BNI has been an integral part of my business growth strategy for over 5 years. 75% of my business comes from my BNI connections.

Bette Bradtke   
WHS   at Bradtke Consulting   
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BNI is responsible for over 40% of our revenue in the last 12 months. It’s the Business Development Manager for our business that’s never on leave, and never too busy!

Tamara Caire   
Social Media Strategy   at Social Media AOK   

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