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PO Box 8062,
Croydon, Victoria.  3136

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BNI Melbourne East Regional Team

David Harris
Executive Director

I was a member of the region for over 9 years before becoming an Executive Director where now I help members increase their businesses and build stronger communities. 

Andrew Crossley
Andrew Crossley
Chapter Support Director

As a chapter director, I wanted to make a difference and knew I could make a difference with BNI Diamond Networkers. They are a great group of people and have worked very hard to grow the chapter to be in the top two in the region

Belle Godfrey
Chapter Ambassador - BNI Eastern

New Member Chapter Ambassador for BNI Eastern

Bronwen Bennet
Chapter Training Director
Carl Garth
Social Media Ambassador
Carmen Morris
Role Ambassador - Treasurer
Graham West
Graham West
Executive Director

Executive Director and the has owned the region for over 15 years, in that time has helped members generate over 147 Million dollars for their businesses.

James Grima
Chapter Support Director

Support Director for BNI Eltham and BNI Manningham Movers

Jon Kok
Chapter Support Director & Training Director
Patrick Bozzo
Chapter Ambassador - BNI North Eastern
Peter Flynn
Chapter Ambassador - BNI Diamond Networkers
Richard Thomas
Chapter Ambassador - BNI Champions
Rick Heaney
Chapter Ambassador - BNI Manningham Movers
Susan Pierotti
Chapter Support Director
Suzanne Diprose
Role Ambassador - Mentor