It’s a Hard time being a business owner!

BNI Melbourne East connects you with an existing network of business owners that provides you with quality introductions and recommendations to your next clients.

In BNI we have a core value of Givers Gain.  And in this spirit, we have launched a BNI Membership Grant.

It’s easy to qualify for the BNI Membership Grant you only need to meet  the below criteria:

    • The Applicant must be new to BNI (Not a current or former BNI member)


    • Your membership application must be submitted before the 31st of Dec 2021.

Enquire about a Grant

Business Specialties

Givers Gain®

Be willing to give first, before you expect to gain. Giving unconditionally creates a better world for everyone and creates important opportunities and lasting relationships.

It’s easy as 1,2 3

  1. Fill in your enquiry.
  2. The regional office reviews your enquiry.
  3. Someone from the regional office contacts you to let you know if you’re successful.

Successful grant applicants

BNI Membership Grant - Noel Jones Real Estate

Mayfields Business Advisors

Imbue Distillery

iplumb and gas

David Quinn Properties

David Quinn Properties

Right Brain Insights

Your Property Advocates

What Members Say

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Search to find an opening for your profession.

BNI Business Developers
Location: RINGWOOD 3134
Details: Wednesday 6:45 AM

BNI Business Networkers
Location: Forest Hill 3131
Details: Thursday 7:00 AM

BNI Diamond Networkers
Location: Eltham 3095
Details: Thursday 7:30 AM

BNI Eastern
Location: Boronia 3155
Details: Wednesday 6:45 AM

BNI Eltham
Location: Eltham 3095
Details: Friday 6:45 AM

BNI Manningham Movers
Location: Doncaster 3108
Details: Wednesday 7am

BNI North Eastern
Location: Lower Plenty 3093
Details: Thursday 7:00 AM

BNI Online Hub
Location: Eltham 3095
Details: Friday 7am

BNI Synergy
Location: Boronia 3155
Details: Tuesday 7:00 AM Blended Meeting

BNI Unity
Location: Kilsyth South 3137
Details: Wednesday 7:00 AM

Online Advantage
Location: Epping 3076
Details: Friday, 8AM

Online Blitz
Location: Greensborough 3088
Details: Thursday 10am

Online Connections
Location: Thomastown 3074
Details: TBA

Online Elevate
Location: Preston 3072
Details: TBA

Online Fusion
Location: Ivanhoe 3079
Details: TBA

Online Givers
Location: Northcote 3070
Details: TBA

Your Location

this is your current location as detected by Google,  If you wish to use a different location please enter either a postcode or suburb name in the search box at the top of the screen, the map will then sort all chapters based of distance to your closes chapter.

BNI In-Person Chapters

These are operational in-person BNI chapters within the region you can click on the chapter name and see more details about the chapter you are interested in.

BNI Online Chapters

BNI Online Chapters meet mainly online with the focus on a business being done in the local geographic area, please use the BNI Online link to attend the chapter.

Opening Soon - Looking to Grow your Business
BNI Chapters
Opening Soon

These chapters will be opening soon, we have a number of interested business leaders looking to start a new BNI chapter in this area. Please contact us for more information to see if this is a good fit for your business.